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WA Native Gardens

We also have a new website and a wikipedia under construction for our community
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Who are we?

We are Perth’s leading experts on West Australian Native Garden Plants and Services. We are lovers of West Australian plants. We are garden advisors with three generations of West Australian plant knowledge, garden experience and wildflower passion. We are sharers of knowledge so we can support you and your garden.

How can we help?

We bring the nursery to you to have the best selection for your garden beds. We guarantee the success of West Australian plants to bring joy back into native gardening. We help to better understand the plants’ relationship to our ancient sandy sand.

What do we do?

We visit you and your garden. We listen to the story of your garden, tailor our advice and place the West Australian plants to reflect your intention. This is why we guarantee success.

We also run regular workshops where gardeners will learn how they can achieve amazing success with West Australian plants.