Do you really want a native garden?

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Boxed Green can help you create a native garden.

To understand how to create a successful native garden in Perth requires passion, commitment and patience. I’m lucky, I have the benefit of 3 generations of knowledge and experience around West Australian plants to draw on in Boxed Green.  So that’s what I’m sharing, through our work, our workshops, blogs and conversations. I will help you create a thriving, beautiful, … Read More

Add Clay?

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Should you add clay to your soil?

You may be surprised at what you’ll find in your garden beds.  I know I often am! Many times when I’m creating a yearly plan for my customers, the question comes up, ‘Should I add clay?’ In fact, early this year one of my customers was quoted close to $10,000 to add clay so that her garden beds could be … Read More

The Garden Gurus features Boxed Green

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Western Australia had just experienced one of the best wildflower seasons in over 50 years and an increasing number of homeowners are starting to discover the beauty of having local plants in their gardens. To further spread awareness about Western Australian plants and eco-gardening, we opened up our garden to The Garden Gurus TV wherein we showed our colourful garden … Read More