Renew Your Native Garden – 4th November 2017


Workshop Schedule: 4th November, Saturday, 9:30 to 4:00pm
Venue: South of River

Book now for the only Revive workshop this year.  Learn how to care for your native garden, and keep it looking the way you wanted. You’ll leave with more confidence in your native gardening skills, a better understanding of how to work with the 6 seasons, and how to bring more life and colour into your home garden.  With summer around the corner, this is definitely the time to revive!

We’ll answer 3 of the most asked questions about caring for native gardens:

  1. Can I prune a native plant?
  2. When do I start pruning native plants?
  3. How do I prune native plants?

We will also share with you:

  • Which native plants you can prune.
  • How to make a decision to prune or remove,  
  • The 7 levels of successful pruning,
  • What equipment you need to get the best results, and
  • How to look after them once the new growth shoots.

Lunch, snacks and all the coffee and tea you’d like is included in the your ticket price.